By archiving websites, there are special websites that allow users quickly and easily find sites and pages on the topics they are looking for. Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo are among the most popular search engines.
A dealership system is the sale of products or services that an existing commercial enterprise is already selling through other commercial enterprises. In this way, the business that is the first seller of the product increases its sales channels, while dealers can generate revenue with lower investments.
E-commerce model made from company to company. It is also among the most commonly used e-commerce models in our country. It refers to e-commerce that a firm does within its own structure or between different firms. In the B2B e-commerce model, buyer companies and seller companies meet on the same website. B2B platfroms are e-commerce portals where products and services that are desired to sell are displayed and described online. On these platforms, transactions such as offering prices, receiving and issuing offers can be performed. Again, buyer firms also have the opportunity to evaluate the prices and offers of seller firms.
B2C is the most widely used e-commerce model in our country. As a dictionary meaning, it is called e-commerce from the company to the end user, that is, for the consumer. All IdeaSoft user e-commerce sites are B2C e-commerce sites. In the B2C e-commerce model, companies can offer their products and services for sale in their virtual stores or on shopping portals where many companies offer their products for sale. Consumers can complete their online shopping processes online or offline by finding the products they are looking for through these e-commerce sites. Today, the B2C e-commerce model is important for all retailers.
C2C means English (Consumer to Consumer). It is the abbreviated global meaning of consumer-to-consumer e-commerce. It refers to online shopping between consumers. In this e-commerce model, consumers come together on an online website and exhibit their products and services. Buyers are also consumers, buying products and services offered online or offline. As an example of the C2C e-commerce model in our country www.sahibinden.com , www.gittigidiyor.com we can give an example of their site.
Electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short, is the concept of electronic commerce that emerged with the increase of Internet use after 1995. Production, promotion, sales, insurance, distribution and payment of goods and services are carried out over computer networks. Electronic commerce consists of three stages: advertising and Sunday Research, order and payment, delivery, through the realization of one or all commercial transactions in electronic form.
Favicon, an acronym for the English term “Favorites Icon”, is a small graphical icon that will appear at the beginning of your site name if your site is added to the most frequently used ones. It also appears on the browser tab when your site is visited. The favicon file, which uses the phrase “site icon” as its Turkish equivalent, is usually 16×16 pixels in size and .It is a graphic file with an ICO extension. Most modern web browsers are nowadays .GIF and .They can also use graphic files with extensions such as PNG as favicon. Despite this, it is still the general trend in favicon .It is about using files with the ICO extension.
IIS is an acronym for Internet service provider. It can also be known as ISP (Internet Service Provider), an acronym in English. Service providers that allow us to connect to the internet via a telephone line or broadband connection (cable or DSL) for a certain fee. In addition, they can provide additional services, such as email accounts and a web browser. To IIS companies in Turkey TTNET, Superonline, Turk.Net, companies such as Smile can be shown as an example.
MX, an acronym for the term Mail exchange, is a DNS setting that shows which server the email accounts that are connected to a domain are located on and redirects the email accounts to the corresponding server.
Mail order is a credit card payment instruction system that allows you to pay by placing an order over the phone or internet time through the catalog and using your credit card. This process, which takes place without a card via POS devices, is performed by businesses by manually entering the card number of the payment into the system.
It is the name given to the types of POS device used in the internet environment, which are found in safes in stores where purchases are made with a credit card. It is also known by the name VPOS (Virtual point of Sale). With this system provided by banks, customer card information reaches the relevant bank via the internet. If payment is approved from the bank, mablak is transferred to the account of the member's workplace in the bank. In order to provide virtual POS to companies, banks seek SSL 128-bit encryption requirements on their websites for information security. It is the most commonly used form of payment for sales made over the Internet.
SSL comes from the initials of the English words “Secure Sockets Layer”. It is a security protocol for encrypting communication between the server and the processor. It was developed by Netscape and has become almost a standard today. It allows information to be encrypted and sent and decrypted only at the correct address. It is very important for the security of personal information and credit card information, especially in e-commerce. The page to enter private information should start with https://.