D2D (Door to Door) D2D is a user-friendly multi-purpose tool that can bring significant improvements to your organization at an affordable cost.


  • Vehicle information tracking
  • Accident information tracking
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Vehicle tracking via map
  • Tracking the fastest, shortest and least costly route according to traffic data
  • Dynamic density-oriented vehicle route optimization

  • Dashboard analysis
  • High delivery rate
  • Target tracking
  • Correct shipment by QR code
  • Automatic zone determination
  • Loading vehicles based on region and route
  • Tracking of past shipment/visit information

  • Optimization of the number of vehicles
  • Vehicle - driver pairing
  • Product - vehicle matching
  • Application and web-based use
  • Dashboard analysis
  • Schedule tracking
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Digital data tracking and recording
  • Suggested route tracking