Who We Are

ERYAZ SOFTWARE, which started its journey in Aydın in 1996, continues today with a team of 75 people, more than 700 companies and more than 100.000 users, carries the bar of success in the sector higher every year with its technology and services. ERYAZ SOFTWARE, which draws a stable growth graph within the framework of its ”from Local to Universal" vision and exports today's most valuable capital, information, also contributes to the fact that Turkey is called a country that develops technology on international platforms.

Interpreting the opportunities offered by technology in a way that will serve its customers to increase their work efficiency, ERYAZ SOFTWARE offers solutions to companies of all sizes in the automotive sector. ERYAZ SOFTWARE solutions that prepare companies for the requirements of the information age in international standards; B2B, B4B, Zeus WMS, S4B, D2D systems integrated with services of all business processes, fast, accurate, flexible, able to be manipulated independently of time and place, while predictions for the future and targeting support. ERYAZ solutions, which support the transformation of data into information, information into strategy and strategy into success, provide the infrastructure based on advanced technology needed by companies at all these stages. Supporting the development of companies in parallel with the changes caused by technology, ERYAZ SOFTWARE registers its claim with dozens of successful projects it has put forward.

ERYAZ SOFTWARE, which has customers in almost every city of Turkey and in 11 countries of the world and has a fully equipped support team, continues its software development processes with its Istanbul head office and Izmir branch.

 With the principle of 100% satisfaction, ERYAZ SOFTWARE, which offers solutions for its customers to grow their businesses while reducing the world, crowns its commercial success with its sensitivity to social and environmental issues

Our Vision

To grow together with our customers in the national and international corporate market and to become the leading technology company and the leading project-based business partner of the sector.

Our Mission

To be a reliable, professional and integrator business partner who is with our corporate customers at every stage by using the latest technologies in the software sector.

Our Quality Policy

In order to be the leader in quality among the companies in the sector; to take all the necessary measures to provide the products, services and solutions we offer, to work in harmony with our customers and to make the continuity of our system effective.

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